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Landing page for World of Warcraft private server

November 2021
  • About the project

    The WoWCircle project team is pleased to present the launch of a new World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth game server and invite everyone to the game world of the BFA add-on 8.3.7.

    The new server is intended to unite all fans of this game version, as well as attract new players who couldn't find this version of the game on the official server.

  • Tasks

    Landing page webdesign development for World of Warcraft BFA server, creation of an adaptive template (layout) for the promo site.

    Styling the standard WoWCircle project logo for the BFA add-on.

    Design and creation of advertising materials for social networks.

  • Results

    Server launched successfully, peak online was reached in the early days of launch and held at slightly over 6,000 players, which exceeded initial expectations. In the first week, 80+ thousand characters were created on the BFA.

    The total online on the project grew by an average of ~5 thousand players, the promo site attracted a huge number of new players and constant audience.

Landing page
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